With the Shopify Plus plan, you can now offer your customers a fully branded shopping experience using custom domains, dedicated SSL certificates and customisable and responsive layouts. In comparison, standard Shopify plans offer few customisable checkout options, such as changing button colours, uploading a logo and the ability to choose fonts from a handful of pre-selected typefaces.

Shopify Plus grants storeowners and designers access to 'checkout.liquid' files, which enables them to code their own checkout designs - a must for a fully branded immersive shopping experience.

Best Made

Our favourite branded checkout has to be Best Made. The ordering process is simplified using a three step process (address, delivery, payment) and a beautifully clean and minimal layout. We also like that the header and footer are visible on this page to enable quick navigation to and from the main shop.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine deliver in-depth design and coding knowledge to the web design community, so it's no surprise that their checkout page is top of the heap. Everything from the button fonts and background textures to the navigation is in-keeping with the rest of the site's pages for a shopping experience that doesn't break continuity.

Theory 11

Theory 11's design isn't far removed from the standard Shopify checkout pages with the exception that they've added custom fonts and included navigational links on the top banner.


GoPole's branded banner is great to reassure customers they're still on the same store and haven't been re-directed to third-party checkouts (a huge no-no if you want to streamline your checkout experience and instil trust). They've also moved the PayPal button from it's default position to a more prominent position to allow for a speedier checkout experience.

Want your Shopify checkout designed to match your brand? 

We can design and code your checkout to match your brand and help increase those sales. This service is only available to those on the Shopify Plus plan. Not on Shopify Plus? We can help set you up. Find out how on our Shopify Plus information page.