In this week's news...

1. Shopify no longer supports the Mailchimp app

Shopify has unexpectedly pulled the plug on the Mailchimp app in the Shopify app store. What this means for you is that the Mailchimp app may not be working correctly on your store but the coded integration may still be working correctly. More details on Shopify's reasons for doing so here.

On a related note, I've never really been a fan of Mailchimp - I've found it clunky and slow to adopt the building of automation workflows and personalisation in emails, especially with regards to e-commerce. 

In fact, I've been working a lot more with Drip ahead of the Mailchimp news and I really like Drip's user interface and the ease in which to create complex workflows. What I like most, however, is that Drip has stated that they are focusing on e-commerce emails (specifically Shopify) to create more integrations. So while it's not quite perfect yet in the amount of data we can pull out of Shopify, it's a promising platform and one I'd put my money on.

It's worth checking out the pre-built workflows that you can install into your Drip account and having a play. 

You can sign up for a Drip account here.

2. International payments on Shopify Plus now live

It's been a while in the making but international payments are now finally live on Shopify Plus stores. This means if you're on Plus, customers can check out and pay in their local currency. It also means no longer using a third-party app for currency conversions. More info international payments here.


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