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A custom design and store build with flash sale functionality.

  • ⟶ Research
  • ⟶ Logo design
  • ⟶ UI and UX design
  • ⟶ Shopify development

ArtSnap was created to demystify the art market, making it simpler and more affordable to own an original work of art.

The project had the specific requirement that artworks must be sold in a weekly flash sale. This time restriction allowed for a constant flow of new and interesting pieces as well as a quick sale turnaround for both ArtSnap and the customer.

This unique marketing angle pushed the Shopify platform to the limit, as Shopify does not currently provide flash sale functionality out-of-the-box and the Shopify apps just didn't cut the mustard when it came to the functionality team the needed. So, we created a custom built solution for the team. Our clever coding allows the team to change the timer settings as well as automatically archive past or closed sales.

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