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La Maison de Furniture

Etsy migration/custom design and store build.

  • ⟶ UI and UX design
  • ⟶ Shopify development

La Maison De Furniture design and sell custom-made furniture using only reclaimed wood and UK sourced materials. They offer their customers a unique and personal service in that they craft their furniture to the customer's liking.

Based in East London, La Maison De Furniture has established a valuable spot within the local community. Founders Fay and Sara frequently work alongside other independent makers and often train locals in their carpentry craft.

This clear sense of independence, an ethical supply chain and a genuine care for the community is what we loved about La Maison De Furniture. Here at Untethered Collective, we relish giving independent retailers a unique store that showcases the care they put into their products and as such we were very happy to work with Fay and Sara.

Making the move

La Maison de Furniture had a very successful Etsy store but were keen to move to Shopify to not only enjoy the lower transaction fees but to have fully branded store complete with the specific functionality they needed to help showcase their products in the best light.

Colour palette



Brandon Grotesque Bold

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Brandon Grotesque Regular

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Brandon Grotesque Light

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