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Milk and Poop

A custom store build including artwork and animation, and bundle functionality.

  • ⟶ Logo and icon animation
  • ⟶ Shopify development
  • ⟶ Bundles/pack functionality
  • ⟶ Warehouse/fulfillment integration

Milk and Poop was founded by husband and wife duo, Anna and Daniel Greene, with the mission of wanting to create something for modern mums and dads.

Milk and Poop features a range of modern products to furnish a baby's nursery in style. Parents can mix and match posters, blankets, wall stickers, lighting and toys from various themes ('peppermint sugar', 'monster squiggles' and 'electric youth') to create a coordinated and complete look, delivered in a single box.

The mix and match pack feature was central to the overall store design and product offering. Giving customers the ability to choose each pack item and check out at the discounted bundle price was key to the whole user experience.

To build this, however, was no easy feat in Shopify. Bundles and multi-pack offering is one of the biggest limitations of the Shopify platform and many of the Shopify bundles apps just don't cut the mustard when it comes to maintaining control over frontend design and UX. We knew from the outset we had a challenge on our hands and had to come up with a custom build solution.

In addition, we had to ensure the customer's pack items would integrate with a third-party fulfillment company and that inventory for standalone non-pack products and pack products sharing the same SKU were correctly tracked and processed.

The Milk and Poop brand carries a sense of honesty, playfulness and quirkiness. We wanted the store to convey these qualities throughout the customer's shopping experience and so the store is peppered with playful animations.

Once we had drawn the logo and icons, we then animated each to breathe personality into the design elements. Using subtle animation in this way helps to express the brand's customer-friendly approach as well as evoking joy and amusement amongst customers, making Milk and Poop just that extra bit memorable.

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