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We offer support plans to continually optimise your Shopify store and boost sales.

  • Certified Shopify Experts
  • Best e-commerce techniques
  • Friendly advice
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How it works

Our store support plans start from £300 per month and provide you with a set number of days per month, to be used as and when you need to. You can spend these days how you like but we will work with you each month to highlight key areas of improvements and set priorities to tackle areas of high impact.

We'll also send you a monthly report of store metrics so you can measure your store's improvement. Unlike the ad-hoc Tweaks and Additions service, your support days are scheduled and guaranteed.

Monthly pricing

Price Allocation Example usage
£300 1 day Perfect for: Minor design changes, app installation, link-checking
£600 2 days Perfect for: Landing page design and build, app configuration, banner artwork, SEO audit, adding new features
£900 3 days Perfect for: Landing pages design and build, email campaign creation, A/B testing, new template design and builds.

Work with us

If you're interested in signing up to a support plan, please answer the following:

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