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How we doubled Bathroom Village's monthly sales revenue

We migrated Bathroom Village from Magento to Shopify Plus and designed a custom store packed with features and functionality.


Bathroom Village is the UK's largest independent retailer, with five of the largest bathroom showrooms across the south-west located in Bristol, Cheltenham, Exeter, Plymouth and Wellington. It’s a family-run business, employing 30 people, and prides itself on its innovative and high-quality product offering, excellent service, and value for money.

The problem

Like many businesses of its size, Bathroom Village’s e-commerce store was running on Magento. Over time, however, problems cropped up and day-to-day web maintenance and bug-fixing took up the web team’s valuable resources. Rather than focusing on improving the customer experience and strategising ways to increase sales, the team were allocating precious resources into website ‘fire-fighting’ and tasks that fail to shift the bottom line.

The solution

The Bathroom Village team realised they needed an e-commerce store with a sophisticated design, that can be updated easily inhouse, and that has e-commerce best practice baked in to convert website visitors into valued customers.

Why Shopify?

Unlike Magento, Shopify Plus is a hosted solution that doesn’t require hosting, installing or configuration. It has a 99.98% server uptime rate, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited transactions. Its simple interface and business tools mean the team can focus on building better customer relations and targeting customers in their marketing campaign.

How we did it

We first performed an audit of Bathroom Village’s current store taking into account online sales data, PPC spending, website traffic and their Google ranking. Once we’d gathered the data we needed, we identified the key areas of improvement and set targets such as increasing sales on mobile devices, increasing the Average Order Value and increasing the Conversion Rate.

We then got to work on creating wireframes showing the general page layout and functionality relating to each target.

  • Target 1: Increase sales on mobile
    • Easy to navigate mobile menu
    • Optimise design to adapt to mobile and tablet devices
  • Target 2: Increase Average Order Value
    • Recommended product feeds on each product page with handpicked and automated recommendations
    • Create bundle products with the ability to add extra items or add-on products for a discount saving
    • Spend another £X to encourage savings on delivery on the cart page
  • Target 3: Increase Conversion rate
    • Bigger product images with zoom functionality
    • Show products in variety of colours and finishes
    • Add popular payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal for faster checkout
    • Use Shopify Scripts to create localised shipping rates and options based on a customer’s address
    • Create trust and integrate a third-party reviews app
    • Show specific product delivery timing and pricing on product page

By identifying Bathroom Village’s goals and current position, we were able to design an e-commerce store which focuses on generating traffic and increasing sales conversions.

By building in key functionality, the web team were able to update content and perform marketing tasks in house instead of outsourcing to an agency. This elimination of waste served to streamline the web team’s processes and make day-to-day tasks more efficient.

The results

Since migrating to Shopify Plus, the Bathroom Village team have been able to focus on growing the brand and streamlining the customer process. Within the first three months of launching, monthly sales more than doubled and customer satisfaction is at all time high.

Magento Store
(Jan 2018)
Shopify Plus store
(Aug 2018)
Conversion Rate 0.95% 1.95%
Returning Visitors 60% 75%
Revenue by mobile 15.24% 27.96%

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