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Dart Flyscreens on Shopify Hydrogen

Dart Flyscreens, a leader in the motorcycle flyscreen world, faced limitations with its Shopify Liquid store setup and wanted a new store with speed and performance to match the quality of their flyscreens.

The Challenge

Like many Shopify stores/themes built on Liquid, Dart Flyscreens were facing issues with slow loading times and as a result were scoring low in Google's Lighhouse/PageSpeed audits. In addition, they were maintaining multiple regional stores, which was causing high workload for the web team in managing products and duplicate content for all Shopify stores. It was also identified that the traditional Shopify collection pages were adding additional unnecessary clicks, on top of the Shopify traditional cart page and multi-page checkout, before the customer could purchase a product.

We made the bold move to leverage Shopify Hydrogen to build a high-performance, highly customisable, and multilingual e-commerce store using the latest technology.

The Solution

The shift to Shopify Hydrogen focused on enhancing site performance, customisation, and global accessibility. The solution included:

1. Ingretation of a headless CMS - Sanity CMS

  • Sanity CMS provided a flexible, easy-to-manage content system beyond Shopify's standard CMS.
  • This empowered the marketing team with efficient content management capabilities.

2. Robust Multilingual Support

  • Implemented comprehensive language translation features for English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, which is scalable for additional languages.
  • Boosted international customer engagement and accessibility.

3. Revamped site architecture

  • Removed collection pages for a more dynamic, user-centric layout.
  • By-passed the cart page with a 'buy now' buttons, sending users straight to the one-page checkout.
  • Enhanced product showcasing and interactivity.

4. Optimised Speed and Web Performance

  • Utilised Hydrogen’s server-side rendering for quicker load times.
  • Increase from 39 to 95 in Desktop Lighthouse Performance score.
  • Increase from 42 to 75 in Mobile Lighthouse Performance score.
  • Mobile loading time decreased from 8.3 seconds to 2.9 seconds, beating 70% of other websites' loading time.

The Results

Since launching, Dart Flyscreens has seen a 5% increase in conversion rate, an increase in Average Order Value, and an improved Lighthouse scores from Bad to Good.

Dart Flyscreens upgrade to a Shopify Hydrogen store marked a pivotal evolution in their e-commerce strategy. This transition, focused on speed, customisation, and multilingual capabilities, not only uplifted the user experience but also widened their international market reach. Dart Flyscreens' story is a clear example of how advanced e-commerce platforms like Shopify Hydrogen can meet the growing demands of the global online retail industry.

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