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Elliot Rhodes

We created a new Shopify store for London's finest leather beltmaker resulting in an increase in Average Order Value and Conversion Rate.

The Challenge

We were tasked with modernising Elliot Rhode’s Shopify store to make the shopping experience more intuitive when it came to buying handcrafted luxurious leather belts and bespoke buckles made from the finest metals. Elliot Rhodes is a brand with a unique offering that allows customers to mix and match belt straps and buckles so customers can create their own individual belts.

The store design had to clearly communicate to the customers throughout that they could mix and match belt straps and buckles, enable customers to filter products by a range of perimeters, and them to personalise their belts using an embossing service upsell on the product page.

The Solution

The old Elliot Rhodes store had used separate products for all their product variants, which meant the customer had a hard time finding similar products in different colours or textures. We restructured the products and combined them into products with colour variants with interactive colour swatches. We also used this opportunity to standardise the product photography and re-scaled and cropped product images to make them consistent.

A visual dropdown navigation was created to allow customers to distinguish between the various product offerings easily. Alongside the advanced search and filtering system, customers can now easily find the straps and buckles they need by filtering my leather material, strap width, buckle size, or style.

In addition to pairing up their desired leather belt strap and buckle, customers can also personalise their belt with embossing. We coded in a solution to allow customers to add their initials, embossing colour, and embossing position all on the product page, which adds an additional price to their order total.

Behind the scenes, we also optimised Elliot Rhode's Drip email marketing workflows and gave their Shopify notification emails a much-needed brand refresh and update, so the customer experience from web to email is now consistent.

The Results

At the time of launch, the store scored above 80 on PageSpeed, which is an excellent result for Shopify stores. The Average Order Value also increased by 8.2% and the conversion rate has seen a 70% increase within the first two months of launching.

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